So, I have a reputation for having a "black thumb". Every plant I've ever touched seems to die and horrible lingering death. But I want to do the right thing by eating mostly locally grown food and even though I've signed up for a local CSA program, I like the idea of growing my own food. My ex-wife has a talent for plants and we did some gardening years ago. I did all the heavy lifting, she did all the plant care and knowing my propensity for killing green things, she never taught me anything and discouraged me from getting too chummy with the plants. So, when I decided to start a vegetable garden on my own this year, I'm pretty much starting from scratch. I bought a copy of "Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholomew and attended a neat gardening seminar last weekend and I'm feeling a little less intimidated. I bought some wood and constructed some frames for raised beds and am pulling together everything I need for the soil (peat moss, compost, vermiculite, worm castings) even started buying some non-hybrid seeds (organically grown of course :-) ). I'm going to have three beds, one 4x4, and two 2 1/2 x 5 1/2. Not too ambitious, I hope. I'm planning to get my leafy greens in the ground by Friday and start some peppers and tomatoes inside (a little late, I know...) tonight. As things progress, I'll post some photos and updates here.