A strange coincidence, now that I'm reading The Illuminatus! that in a blog post on BoingBoing.net, there is a blurb about Robert Anton Wilson as a sort of saint. Here's the explanation:

Robert Anton Wilson - In the CD interview series with Bob Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything, the interviewer states that RAW had spent a career collecting, trading in, and writing about conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and the like, but he doesn't appear to buy into much of it. So why does he spend so much time exploring such things? "It keeps my mind supple" is Wilson's reply. That elevates him to sainthood in my pantheon. Wilson also embodied the virtue of hilaritas to me. And he remind me to embrace the absurd. Wilson was also "open to anything, but skeptical of everything."

"open to anything, but skeptical of everything." That pretty well describes my attitude. Not that I'm a saint or anything. Still, it's comforting to know that RAW didn't buy into all the crazy theories in his books.