Like the Himalayas
Good men shine from afar.

But bad men move unseen
Like arrows in the night.


Alone with yourself,
Never weary.

On the edge of the forest
Live joyfully,
Without desire.

This verse has proven difficult for me to interpret. I'm assuming that the forest represents the place where 'bad men move unseen'. We are then encouraged to live on the edge of the forest. Assuming I'm on the right track, here... the idea is to go about daily life (sit, rest, work) joyfully and without desire. IN doing so, in an unassuming manner, we make examples of ourselves and shine 'like the Himalayas'. Doing so without ego can be problematic. It's common for very 'spiritual' people to think so highly of themselves that they lose sight of the necessity of humility. There has been some real drama in western Zen circles lately, as blogged here, here and here that really seems to speak to this issue. I know none of the persons involved, but it's this kind of drama that makes me shy away from organized religion of all stripes.