Quieten your mind.
Nothing binds you.
You are free.

You are strong.
You have come to the end.
Free from passion and desire,
You have stripped the thorns from the stem.
This is your last body.

I'm seriously not cut out for the monastic life. You see, I like passion and desire. I know they ultimately lead to unhappiness since all things come to an end, but wow! what a ride! It's the ups and downs in life that mark the most memorable times. I know that those memories are the past, and the past exists only in my mind, as with the future. I understand this, but I crave experience of all sorts. My meditation practice and study of the dharma has tempered this somewhat or at least informed me of its true nature, but it doesn't make me want to live a passion-less life. I hope I can bring a little more presence, and little more compassion, to the experiences I have, but to throw off desire altogether seems super-human, and I'm merely human.