I believe Bright Green Environmentalism is the way toward a sustainable future. But what does that term mean? We all have some idea of what it means to be "Green", but what in the hell does it mean to be "Bright Green"? The term was first coined by Alex Steffen in 2003 and is "a belief that sustainable innovation is the best path to lasting prosperity, and that any vision of sustainability which does not offer prosperity and well-being will not succeed. In short, it's the belief that for the future to be green, it must also be bright." In a sense, it means that we don't have to entirely give up our standard of living to be sustainable. Properly applied, technology can be part of the solution. I'm a geek, and I've read a lot of science fiction, so I may be biased, but I fully believe that while we're not looking at a Star Trek version of an ideal future, we can promote an ideal future that includes local agriculture, sustainable building practices, distributed and local energy production and other practices, driven by appropriate technology, to build a future that works for everyone.

What's your idea of environmentalism? What does it mean to you?