This is the 26th and last installment of this series. I hope that if anyone has been reading this, that they've enjoyed it somewhat. I've learned a lot. It's forced me to slow down and really pay attention to this book, taking a year to read it instead of the couple of hours it would take otherwise.

He does not linger
With those who have a home
Nor with those who stray.
Wanting nothing,
He travels alone.

He hurts nothing.
He never kills.

This whole 'chapter' goes on about the characteristics of the true master. It's like a shopping list for a teacher, or a list of the hallmarks of a Bodhisattva. This section stood out for me because it reminds me of what it is to be a long distance backpacker. Happy with the few possessions necessary to sustain life on one's back, traveling alone, and continually moving. It then immediately talks about non-violence. The backpacking vegan in me perked up at these couple of verses. So it seems that when I'm actively backpacking, I've got two of fifty-four verses nailed. OK, so I've got 96% of the qualities of a true master yet to go, about 6% of the time and 98% of them the other 94% of the time... All I have to do is stop trying.