I know... I'm a bad blogger. Not updating in three months and promising in that post that I would post more regularly. So here's a quick update on what's been happening.

As far as Buddhism goes, I've been struggling a little. The more I learn about the Tibetian traditions, the more interested I am from a sociological standpoint, but the more turned off I am from a spiritual perspective. It's very very interesting, but I'm finding that it's not really for me. So I've been leaning more toward Zen or certain Theravadan traditions, but am feeling a little lost. Thus the lack of posts on these topics. I have too many thoughts swirling around my head to post anything coherent that would still make sense to me in a few months time.

As for my handful of technology posts, I'm realizing that there are a thousand blogs that do a better job of it than I. So if I solve a problem that is under-reported online, I may post it here, as I do see a few folks winding up here from Google searches for the Reporting Services kill-bit issue, but on the whole, I'll not be posting much along those lines.

On other fronts, I've not been hiking too much lately. Partly due to weather, partly due to schedule conflicts and such, but I miss it terribly. Winter is officially here and I'm hoping to get out and winter camp and showshoe a bunch. I'd also like to pick up cross-country skiing again. It's been a long time since I've done it, but I like the idea of backcountry cross-country skiing. We'll see how it shapes up.

Anyhow, that's the state of things. I'm not going to promise more regular updates, as I'd be sure to break that promise. So, for the handful of people who may read this, so long for now.