Like a lovely flower,
Bright but scentless,
Are the fine but empty words
Of the man who does not mean what he says.

Like a lovely flower,
Bright and fragrant,
Are the fine and truthful words
Of the man who means what he says.

Words come easy. Acting in accordance with one's words is a far harder thing to do. It is better, in my opinion, to not say anything at all than to say something you don't mean or to say something in order to appear better or wiser, no matter how right the words are. This is far harder to live up to than it may first appear. I struggle daily. Think about the little things. A simple example... I constantly rag on people to recycle, yet when I last moved, I was in such a rush to pack that I threw out a lot of paper that I know I should have sorted through and recycled. I try not to dwell on the guilt and bad feelings, just internalize the lesson an move on, trying to stay in the present.