Be quick to do good.
If you are slow,
The mind, delighting in mischief,
Will catch you.

There is a blog I read, Violent Acres, that is a real guilty pleasure. She's bitter, acerbic, angry, and a hell of a lot of fun to read. Every now and then though, she writes something that really rings true. Her recent post titled "Learning to Love Yourself is a Pointless Waste of Time" is one of those and this verse reminded me of it. People who are genuinely giving of themselves almost automatically have great self esteem. On the other-hand, people who, as they've been coached to do over the past couple of decades, jumped on the "Me Me Me" self-esteem express trying to take care of themselves first and foremost, are often unfulfilled. The lesson here, is that by selflessly taking care of others in some way, positive self-esteem comes naturally.

This verse echoes the same sentiment. That we should do good automatically, without thinking about it so much. Otherwise, the mind, with its deluded sense or self will get in the way and you'll be tricked into trying to take care of yourself first. I need to do a better job, myself, living up to this advice. It's a hard thing to do, having grown up in this self-centered society. But that's no excuse (and V from Violent Acres HATES excuses, see Pet Peeve #8...), so I need to get off my ass/cushion and do some good out there in this real, miserable, world.