Mischief is yours.
Sorrow is yours.
But Virtue also is yours,
and Purity.

You are the source
of all Purity and Impurity.

No one purifies another.

Oddly appropriate, given my last couple of posts, that this should be in the next section I've been studying, of the Dhammapada. It touches again on how true wisdom and happiness come from within. No one can make you a better person without some effort, often a great deal of effort, on your own part. Can people facilitate, teach and help? Absolutely! But the REAL change comes from within.

It's entirely too easy to lean on other people for both support and blame. It took me a great while, during my divorce, to see that she was not to blame for my unhappiness. I was. In both the literal sense, in that I had contributed greatly to the demise of our relationship, and the figurative sense, in that I was making myself more miserable during the divorce by letting my negative feelings feed on each other, growing and multiplying. Likewise, it is easy when negative feelings begin to take over your inner world, to then look externally for help out of such a situation, turning to alcohol, anti-depressants, and psychotherapy for help, when the real work needs to take place within.

Been thinking too much lately, I promise a Unicorn Chaser is coming up soon...