Hard it is to be born,
Hard it is to live,
Harder still to hear of the way,
And hard to rise, follow and awake.

Yet the teaching is simple.
Do what is right.
Be pure.
At the end of the way is freedom.
Til then, patience.

Ahh... Patience. The namesake of this site and a virtue I need constant internal reminding to exhibit. People who know me have stated that given the oodles of patience I seem to have, the name of this site seems appropriate. In reality, though, I named it khanti in order to remind myself that I must cultivate patience. In my internal monologue, my capacity for patience is lacking. I read a statistic, don't know if it's true, that people, on average, have somewhere around 20,000 thoughts a day. I'd believe it, though, as the internal monologue is constant except when I'm actively being mindful. It's at those moments that I can be patient, that I can quiet the yearning, the desire, the ... well ... impatience.